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Matterport 3D Camera - for RE/New Construction/Gallery Photography;

3D Virtual Walkthrough; Floor Plan Creation

How The Camera Works:

The Matterport camera has multiple lens to accommodate different types of 2D and

3D sensors. It is operated via Wi-Fi from an iPad using the Matterport Capture app.

This app is used, when the 'datashoot' is complete, to upload the captured 2D and 3D

data to the Matterport Cloud. There the data is meshed into an immersive, dimensionally

accurate model of the property. The model is stored in an efficient format called

polygon mesh, which minimizes storage space needs and makes it easy to deploy and share

the model’s 3D experience via phone, tablet, or computer.

The Shooting Process:

The Matterport Pro 3D Camera and Capture App automatically produces high-quality immersive 3D models. The camera gently spins and captures the colors and contours of a space, then calculates dimensions and spatial relationships between objects thus creating an interior virtual walk-through of the property. A shoot takes approximately 45 min/1,000 sq ft, depending on the layout of the property.

What You Receive & How to Share:

Once your model has been processed, within 24 hours of the shoot, you'll receive an email with links to your 3D showcase. Matterport provides separate links for separate purposes:

MLS Compliant (unbranded)

Branded (for use in social media, emails, etc.)

VR (Virtual Reality - use with VR goggles)

Also an 'embed code' (also known as an iframe) which, when coded into a webpage, embeds the 3D model on that page, instead of opening a new window. 

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